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2019-01-16: Minor update of MSA (0.91)
- extended the 3D data output and separation of elastic and TDS channel.

2018-11-12: Update of the Dr. Probe GUI (v1.9.1) and MSA (v.0.90b)
- The GUI supports now the calculation of precession diffraction patterns.
- MSA core code has been changed to FFTW3 and allows now k-space momentum integration.

2018-12-11: Dr. Probe command-line tools published on GitHub.

2018-12-07: Dr. Probe GUI core code JMultiSlice published on GitHub.

2018-12-05: Minor update of MSA (0.85)
- Fixed bugs.

2018-11-28: Minor update of CELSLC (0.70)
- Fixed bugs, changed output formatting and documentation


User interface for STEM simulations


Citation: J. Barthel, Dr. Probe: A software for high-resolution STEM image simulation. Ultramicroscopy 193 (2018) 1-11 [doi] [pdf].


Learn to tune aberrations on ronchigrams with Dr. Probe Light.

Last update: Jan 16, 2019