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2017-07-31: Updates: Dr. Probe GUI (v1.8.2), CELSLC (v0.63b)
- Speed increase (up to 30%) in the potential calculation codes.
- Atoms sharing one site will now be displaced coherently in a frozen lattice.
- Bug fix in the calculation of ionic potentials (non GUI code).

2017-07-20: Minor update: Dr. Probe GUI (v1.8.1), CELSLC (v0.62b)
- A critical bug was removed in the phase grating generation, which caused missing phase grating data or access violation in non-square array simulations (only in Dr. Probe GUI v1.8.0 and CELSLC v0.61b).

2017-02-16: Release of Dr. Probe GUI (v1.8.0), CELSLC (v0.61b), MSA (v0.77b).
- Core code corrections.
- CIF input bug fix.


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Learn to tune aberrations on ronchigrams with Dr. Probe Light.


Last update: August 2, 2017