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2018-06-15: Paper and Python wrapper
- Reference paper on Dr. Probe is published by Ultramicroscopy.
- Python interface for the Dr. Probe command-line tools is published on GitHub.

2018-04-04: Minor updates: GUI (v1.8.6), CELSLC (v0.68), WAVIMG (v0.69).
- Consistency with other code.
- Added second-order temporal and spatial coherence cross-term in coherence model 4.

2018-03-21: Minor updates: GUI (v1.8.5), CELSLC (v0.67)
- Fixed a few CIF loading bugs.
- Changed the preferred up vector for automatic orientation to [010] for supercells with a=b.

2018-03-09: Minor update: MSA (v0.83)
- Added optional single file output for (x,y,z) STEM image data.

User interface for STEM simulations

Citation: J. Barthel, Dr. Probe: A software for high-resolution STEM image simulation. Ultramicroscopy 193 (2018) 1-11 [doi] [pdf].


Learn to tune aberrations on ronchigrams with Dr. Probe Light.

Last update: June 15, 2018