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The School on Advanced Analytical Electron Microscopy will be held from 7 to 8 September 2017 in Forschungszentrum Jülich. It is aimed at PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and scientists who already have a basic knowledge of electron microscopy and want to learn about advanced, state of the art analytical techniques and data evaluation. We encourage submission of posters on current problems and challenges rather than on well-established results, under a mutual agreement of confidentiality between participants.

This School is organised in the framework of the EELS/EFTEM workshop series from the members of the EELS/EFTEM working group of the German Society of Electron Microscopy (DGE) in conjunction with the Austrian (ASEM) and Swiss (SSOM) electron microscopy societies. This year we will also be incorporating EDX and EDX quantification.

The workshops are free of charge and open to all members of the societies (as for non-members). Numbers are limited due to the space available for the practical labs, preference will be given to members of the DGE, ASEM and SSOM.

Confirmed speakers include Leslie J. Allen (Melbourne), Gerald Kothleitner (Graz), Katherine MacArthur (Jülich) and Wilfried Sigle (Stuttgart).
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