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Materials Research Letters XXX (2014) YYY-ZZZ

Hexagonal high-entropy alloys

by Michael Feuerbacher, Markus Heidelmann, and Carsten Thomas

Researchers associated with the ER-C report on the discovery of a high-entropy alloy (HEA) with a hexagonal crystal structure. Equiatomic samples in the alloy system Ho-Dy-Y-Gd-Tb were found to solidify as homogeneous single-phase HEAs. The results of electron diffraction investigations and high-resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy are consistent with an Mg-type hexagonal structure. The possibility of hexagonal high-entropy alloys in other alloy systems is discussed.

Further reading:

Michael Feuerbacher, Markus Heidelmann, and Carsten Thomas: Hexagonal high-entropy alloys,
Materials Research Letters XXX (2014) YYY-ZZZ.

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