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Nature Materials 8 (2009) 260 – Commentary | Insight

Is science prepared for atomic-resolution electron microscopy?

by Knut W. Urban

The efforts of microscopists have given aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy the power to reveal atomic structures with unprecedented precision. It is now up to materials scientists to use this power for extracting physical properties from microscopic atomic arrangements.

Is the scientific community ready to receive the extraordinary new results achievable through aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy? Readers may find their own individual answer to this question. The everyday life of electron microscopists active in this field shows that there is still some way to go in alerting the scientific community to the opportunities offered by measuring quantum mechanical wavefunctions in atomic dimensions. So great is the potential of these new techniques that it will be well worth engaging in such a process.

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Knut W. Urban: Is science prepared for atomicresolution electron microscopy?, Nature Materials 8 (2009) 260.
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