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iff spring school "probing the nanoworld"

On 12 March 2007 the 38th international Spring School run by the Institute of Solid State Research (IFF) opens its doors. During this school, which was co-organised by the Ernst Ruska-Centre (ER-C), over a period of two weeks, leading scientists will give 243 students and young researchers from 23 countries a comprehensive overview of the most modern physics research methods available today. They provide us with insights into the world of the tiniest of dimensions (nanodimensions) and have the potential to revolutionise technology.

The experimental methods used in solid state research have made dramatic advances over the past few years", enthuses Prof. Knut Urban, Director at IFF and one of the organisers of the Spring School, who used this as inspiration to draw up this year's method-oriented programme. "For example, we can now "see" individual atoms using electron microscopes and examine them in detail. With the aid of microscopic research, we can therefore make better and better predictions about the macroscopic properties of materials."

The 38th Spring School covers a range of topics from the theoretical and experimental basis of solid state research up to brand new research methods in nanoresearch. Special attention will be given to electron microscopy, research with neutrons, the uncharged building blocks of matter, and with synchrotron radiation, a special, very energy-rich form of light. In order to deepen theoretical knowledge, the programme will be complemented by visits to laboratories.

Further information: IFF Spring School 2007 Pages.

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